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Day 112 – We Are The Ones

March 28, 2012

So many different ideas running through my head, I’m not sure what this one is about. Life, death, sticking to the plan, and everything in-betweenis on my mind

Like Don L. Lee said, “life if u were a match i wd light u into something beautiful.” I am understanding my insignificance and my significance all at once today. We are worth something, after all, yet we are all so small. Ripples in a grand ocean…

Starting from a place of creativity today. Our gift is our will. If we don’t use it, someone else will use theirs to bend ours. It is ideal to find those with similar wills so that there is no bending, no fighting, no disharmony, but only people lifting each other up helping to accomplish that which we are trying to create. At the root of it all, I think we all want the same things: to be connected, to experience peace of mind, to feel valued and safe, to have our needs met, to live with integrity and alignment with our deepest truths. We all want the same things. It’s the belief part that gets in the way of our having.

Somebody told us at some point that we can’t have it. Blame it on the devil. And so we get upset. Bitter, mad, disappointed. Vengeful. Sad. We give up and start hating the people who dare believe in the thing that we used to want so bad. We start wars to try and make people believe things that we ourselves don’t really believe in. And oftentimes, we don’t even know why we are doing the things we are doing. The programs in our minds are so deep…

I am a pensive type of woman. I’ve always been that way. As a child, I used to hate that about myself, because it made me feel weird. My peers didn’t seem to really care about why things were the way they were and everyone was just running around doing whatever they were supposed to do, but I was sitting in my room with journals and asking questions about God that grown-ups didn’t know how to answer.

I know now that I am not the only one who was doing those things, and that gives me comfort. I am in fact not alone. The other day I was listening to some of the songs that I have listened to all my life, but this time, it dawned on me that someone wrote these songs. Someone sat in a room or a studio or a park or an office and poured their soul into a melody. Someone took out an instrument and breathed their life into it, or gave it their touch. And now we sit and we are comforted and inspired by their work, and we don’t realize how brave they are. We don’t know how many people said they were stupid. We don’t know if their parents disowned them because they didn’t live according to a certain path. We don’t how alone they might have felt at times and we don’t hear about the sacrifices that they made. I’m sure that someone told them they were delusional at some point or another and they had to find a place within where they believed that they could do whatever was in their heart to do, sometimes against all evidence to the contrary.  We don’t realize how strong they had to be.

This one is for the heroes: the prophets and saints, the leaders, the artists of all walks, the owners, the ones that make a way for us all. The people who are not okay with just doing whatever and especially those with the wisdom to stick to their lofty dreams until they can see them manifest. I see you. I am inspired by you. I am grateful for your existence. I am becoming one of you…

If there were no one to save, then there would be no heroes. So here’s to the people who need to be saved as well. I have been you as well and because I have been you, I can talk to you. It is all beginning to make sense. And I have just a little word for you today. I don’t know what you’re going through. Maybe you are better off than me. It’s OK. You are reading this and so there is something in this for you. Take it. I’m offering it to you. I’m giving you a gift. Myself. I didn’t realize that I could actually be a gift. Nobody ever told me that I could be valuable, but today something whispered in my soul and it made sense. I am a gift. Not because I write a blog or because I do whatever for whoever. But because in being myself I am doing something good for someone else.

I don’t know what good it is, and I don’t even care. Maybe someone is learning something or getting mad. Maybe someone feels like they are not alone. Maybe someone is realizing that they have other things to do with their time. It doesn’t really matter if what I intended is not what you receive, because what I intend is to be myself and follow my heart, and in that decision, I allow God to take care of the rest. I know that living this way is good. I am good. We are good. I can’t say we are great and actually believe it yet, but you better believe that soon enough I will say it and mean it… We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the heroes…

Day 112

We Are The Ones

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