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Day 84 – Set A Clear Intention

January 7, 2012

Woke up early again and am again scrapping and rewriting. I had to set a clear intention. I don’t particularly want to talk about my day-to-day life today.

I want to give you something you can work with, something that may help you. I will say, though, that this year has already become the best year of my life and I am grateful that I can be sitting up in the morning writing, not afraid of who might think whatever. I am grateful that I can sit here and think about giving, that I actually feel like I have something to give. This part is not about me. What irony. We spend all of our time getting this thing and that thing, pursuing this dream and the other, and then we discover that our greatest joy (well, speaking for myself) does not come in getting at all, but it comes in sharing and giving the things away…

I have come a long, long way and the journey has not always looked so sweet, but this morning I call it all sweet, and that’s what I want to give to you: a practice. Without going too much into philosophy or religion or the science of the mind, let me share with you what I have discovered. Change and transformation is a practice and when you are learning something new, you have to practice until it becomes a habit, especially if you have already developed habits that are contrary to what you are trying to learn. Habits become our lives.

Most of us never say, “Oh, I think I’d like to be poor. And on top of that maybe I’ll be lonely as well. Or at least if I’m not lonely, give me a dysfunctional relationship or something I’m not satisfied with. Hmm… Oooh, maybe make me long to be a thing and never be it, too, and make me confused about life and religion and distrustful about everyone and everything. Oh yeah, add a bit of bitterness on top, too. I’ll take some anger and despair, too, and please make my living situation nasty and grimy.” We don’t say any of those things on purpose, but oftentimes we find our lives reflecting some very sad things. So how do you change when you didn’t even plan to be the way you are? I’ve been intentionally trying to figure this out since I started writing this blog and I have one answer today that I’m going to practice for at least a week.

Set a sincere intention. Let’s not make this too hard. This morning, I woke up feeling so good and blessed. So thankful to have these moments. I said my prayers and realized that anything is possible in this day, and so, instead of just going with whatever and jumping up to eat or pee, I sat down and decided what I would like to create today. Love, money, and professional success have been the dominating thoughts in my head for a while, so I decided to focus on those and I set an intention. I did this by literally talking to myself, and this is what I said: I choose to have a greater love than I have ever imagined with a real man in this lifetime and I choose for our relationship to be exceptionally magnificent. I choose for it to last. I choose to be successful at the work I came to do in this world and I choose for all of my choices to be in alignment with what is good and best for me and all parties involved. My life is a reflection of Divine Alignment and I only welcome people and circumstances that support this Truth. I create only good in my life”. I set this huge and wonderful intention this morning. I made this choice.

You see, I had been choosing other things subconsciously. Maybe I learned to be sad from someone a long time ago and it was just normal to me. I’m sure at some early point in life I learned all kinds of bad things about men and then I just kept validating my beliefs in my personal life by picking unavailable men who weren’t really compatible with me. I went to school and got fancy degrees, but deep down, I had been choosing poverty by not using my knowledge to better my financial situation… You get the point. I had been floating around creating an ugly life without even realizing it. I had to sit down and decide now to create something different. I had to get deep with it, because the life I had created thus far came from a deep place. So, I’m getting down to the nitty gritty, and I’m loving it because I am getting to experience so much in life.

You don’t have to plan to change the world. You can start with something small. Something more on the surface, like setting an intention to say good morning to your kids every day in an effort to build closeness, or deciding to brush your teeth at night before you go to bed to help induce self-love. You can choose to cook one meal a day instead of eating out in order to save money. But whatever is, just do something. On purpose. Do something good for yourself on purpose…. Let’s change our lives.

Day 84

Set A Clear Intention

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