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Day 41 – Come Back To The World

September 17, 2011

I’m going to my dance class today. Excited for some structured high energy movement. I haven’t been in a while…

I’m going to have a car soon and I’m so excited!!! My winning the competition yesterday is soaking in now. Ow! Wow. I’m going to have a car soon. Brand new. Fully paid for. I’ve never had a brand new car in my life.

What else is exciting? I’m not scared of my mom anymore and there is actually a place where we can connect and communicate.

This is what I thought would happen, the thing we are so afraid of. I don’t have any sad stuff to talk about anymore or complain about, so now what?

I’m looking out of my window right now and I see the bright pink flowers on the trees in my courtyard and they overshadow the drab building in the background.

Step by step. It works. Step by step we can get up, sit down, crawl, walk, run, and discover new ways of movement, just like children. Yesterday, my mom told me that she saw my real smile again, and that she hadn’t seen it in years.

I am coming back to the world now, so allow me to re-introduce myself. I am a woman of integrity. I am strong, kind, honest, loving and beautiful and I like to smile. I am interested in building, growing and sharing in various ways with the people I interact with and I’m creating a life I love to be a part of. Nice to meet you…

Day 41

Come Back To The World

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