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Day Three – Fight for It

July 27, 2011

I almost quit writing this… One of my readers suggested a path for me to learn how not to cry every day, and it wasn’t by writing a blog. And so I got scared. Of exposing too much. Of losing friends. Of people who are close to me not approving…

So sorry for the delay in communication, I’ve been contemplating the meaning of life. I haven’t figured out a whole lot, but what I know is that setting an intention, making a commitment, acting on it, and seeing things out to the end seem to be correlated with happiness and peace.

So, I intend to see this here thing out. I intend to get out of this *hit and even smell the roses on the other side and I’m committed to writing every day until I see a magnificent transformation for the better in my life. I am not afraid, come what may.

Day Three

Fight for it like your life depends on it. It does.
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