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Day 95 – Champion The Little Things

January 22, 2012

In a pensive mood. Back from New York. More than amazing and fantastic. Don’t have the words right now to express the magnitude of the shift that is taking place. I understand the song, Amazing Grace now. How sweet the sound. That saved someone like me…

I’m meeting with Mr. Almost Famous this morning. He has become a good friend in such a short amount of time. God, there is so much I want to write about. I’m crying right now, but they are tears of gratitude because you have allowed me yet another day to be happy. These moments are so precious. When I can wake up in the morning and know that anything is possible in this day. When having faith seems easy and movement comes naturally.

I have a lot to do today, so this one won’t be long. I woke up really early, but the time is just going. I had to experience being neglected, abandoned, taken for granted, being poor and not having enough food, being financially successful but terribly unhappy… I had to experience being shy and wishing I would have said something and wishing I would have introduced myself. I had to experience not being close to my mom in order to recognize what a precious gift the little things are. Green juice and having my silly sister around. Having a man ask how my day is and bring me flowers. Money, even a little bit, that you can save and pay your bills and travel with. Having the strength to let go of things and people that hurt you. Having the courage to reach out. Sharing honest conversations with people and being able to laugh unabashedly. Being flexible enough to do yoga poses and having a car to drive around in… Peace of mind… These are all little things, but they are great accomplishments. I am glad to have them. I am glad to be here.

My sister just woke up and is interrupting me. I think today I won’t get mad at her and appreciate her silly sweetness instead. Time to get to work anyway.

It is so good to see the little things while they are here, instead of waiting for them to be taken away. I am happy today. My heart is clean. My mind is clear. My body is well. Money is out there for the making. Success is there for the having. I get to share a smile with a handsome man today…

Thank you God, for the little things. Thank you.

Day 95

Champion The Little Things

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