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Day 28 – Get Back To Yourself

September 1, 2011

Well it’s day 28. Tadaaa! the magic number. The day the brain is changed. We’ll se what happens today.

It’s also the first day of the “Calling In The One” webinar class. If you haven’t heard of the book, I will attest that it is one of, if not the most transformational books I have ever read. It’s not what it seems like and the title is a bit misleading. The book is actually about dedicating yourself to changing and growing past your present paradigm, so that you may become “the one” that “the one” you are waiting for is waiting for.

I’m not gonna pay for the web class, but I already have the book, and so I’m gonna read it again along with the other people. I read it two years ago, and almost, almost, called in “the one”, the one whose breakup inspired this deep, dark, crazy depression that i am now getting out of. Lol. My life was better than ever after reading it,  though.

An interesting thing happened to me last night. I was perusing through my friends’ Facebook pics and i came across this pic of a man. He was stunning. Recently, my sis has been trying to recommend men for me and inevitably she picks men who I’m not attracted to. So I showed her a pic of this man who I just thought looked perfect for me in every way. After looking at a few of his pics, she looked at me and said, “He looks just like your ex.”

I looked again. He did. I hadn’t thought about this particular man in so long that I didn’t realize that my dreamboat man had his eyes, his expression, even a similar mouth! More importantly, I didn’t realize that I was still subconsciously looking for him in every man I met. I’m willing to let that go now…

People who have never been in Love don’t understand these kind of things; what it’s like to love everything about someone. How it feels to be willing to travel to ends of the Earth with a person, to actually enjoy looking into another’s eyes. They don’t understand why people do such crazy things in the name of Love and how easy it is to become lost, mixed-up, lifted, inspired, and entwined with another once you have come to the magic land we call love…

But I remember. Love is easy. There is no forcing, no guessing, no maybe should I’s about Love when you are in tune with yourself. It comes naturally. It exists. I remember a time when I didn’t have to ask questions about Love, about Life, about which direction to take. Things came naturally. It was the same me that smiled from deep in my eyes. It was the same me that lived with integrity. Now I can mix some of that life experience/wise stuff in and make better choices. I’m ready, though. I’m ready to come back home to myself…

Day 28

Get Back To Yourself

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